Terms and Conditions

1. Cancellation

1.1 You may cancel a booking within 14 days of booking (or before the commencement of the service, whichever comes first) for a full refund. After that time, up to 24 hours prior to the date and time for which the service has been booked a full refund less £10 administration costs will be made. If a booking is cancelled within 24 hours no refund will be made. If you fail to use our services on the day of reserved service, again no refund will be made.

1.2 For the purpose of condition 1, the period for which the service is booked shall be deemed to commence at the collection date and time specified at time of booking for the service booked.

1.3 Any customer wishing to curtail the length of stay for a service once that service has commenced will be liable to pay the fee for the whole of the service booked.

1.4 If a vehicle is returned within 6 hours of collection and re-booked to depart within 48 hours of original departure date then a partial refund may be applied for, in writing subject to our discretion.

1.5 If an amendment is to be made after departure has commenced you must contact us without delay


2. Liabilities and other Terms

2.1 Vehicles and Contents are left at Owners risk whilst the vehicle is parked.

2.2 The customer warrants that he is the owner of the vehicle or has the power to deal with the vehicle as if he were its owner.

2.3 You must inspect the vehicle and report any damage to us before driving out of the car park at the end of the parking period (for Park & Ride Service) or before driving away once we hand the keys back over to you (for Meet & Greet Service). Once you have left the premises and driven onto the main public road (for Park & Ride Service) or have driven the vehicle from where we delivered it back to you at Southend Airport (for Meet & Greet Service) SACP cannot accept any liability for any claims of damage and while your complaint will be investigated following the normal procedure we cannot accept any liability or reimburse costs incurred in the repair of the vehicle.

2.4 If at the end of the parking period the vehicle will not start, we will move the vehicle to a return bay. We will make one attempt to start the vehicle using an anti-surge starter pack – if we are still unable to start the vehicle we will move your car to a return bay and when you return you will need to contact a break down company. You will have to pay any costs involved. IF your vehicle does not start you must arrange for the vehicle to be collected within 24 hours of the end of the parking period. After this time we will charge you the daily parking charge.

2.5 Unless caused by the negligence of SACP, or one of its employees, we accept no liability for mechanical, structural or electrical failure of any part of your vehicle including windscreens, alarms, immobilizers, glass, flat batteries, tyres and wheels.

2.6 Your vehicle must be taxed, and comply with the Road Traffic act. You will be held liable for any fines, liabilities and consequential loss we incur from a failure to do this. SACP reserve the right to refuse your vehicle on the day and no refund will be given.

2.7 (Meet & Greet Only) We accept no liability for any faulty car keys, alarm fobs, house or other keys left on the key ring. You must ensure you leave the drivers with the right keys, alarm fobs and instructions to start your vehicle.

2.8 The Company does not accept liability for damage to vehicles or other property arising from acts of nature. Nor will the Company accept responsibility for minor scratches, dents or chips to paintwork. The Company will also not be responsible or accept liability for any visual damage that cannot be seen and noted due to the weather conditions (i.e. rain, hail, snow or frost) or where the exterior of a vehicle is in a dirty state. The Company will also not accept responsibility for damaged windscreens or other glass, other than where the same is proved and to the extent that it is proved to be caused by our negligence.

We will take all reasonable care of your vehicle for the period you have booked and paid for, starting from when you give us your keys.

2.9 Although we will generally keep your car at the same secure compound for the duration of the booking period we may move vehicles if we need to and reserve the right to move vehicles to our other secure car parks during their period stored. All our drivers are fully insured against any damage which may be caused to your vehicle on the public highway. Whilst your vehicle is in any of our compounds however, you must rely on your own vehicle insurance policy.

2.10 We are not responsible for the following :

a) Insurance cover for you, your vehicle, or its contents, except for your vehicle when being driven by our drivers on the public highway.

b) Damage to your vehicle, including windscreens, wing mirrors, aerials, punctures, wheel scuffs, chip marks, minor scratches and dents, mechanical or electrical failure, or other events beyond our control, or any loss or theft of or damage to the vehicle’s contents.

c) Matters that are covered by your car, holiday, household, motor or any other more specific insurance. You must look to that cover for protection in the first instance.

d) The direct or indirect consequences of force majeure, terrorism, catastrophe, adverse weather, industrial action, cancellation of flights, loss of baggage, traffic conditions, vandalism, failure of third parties to comply with their obligations to you (whether contractual statutory or otherwise) or criminal activity of any description.

e) Any natural deterioration in the vehicle's condition while it is with us.

f) Property left unattended in your vehicle, on our site or in courtesy vehicles and trailers.

g) Claims you make after you have collected your vehicle from us.

h) Any consequential (indirect) losses including but not limited to the cost of car hire, hotels, meals or other expenses incurred by you.

i) Delays due to wrong information on the booking form.

2.11 If any provision of these terms is found by any court to be wholly or partly illegal, invalid or unenforceable, unfair or unreasonable, then it shall be deemed severable from the remaining provisions which will continue in full force and effect.

2.12 These terms are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom and Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

2.13 SACP Properties Ltd (t/a SACP Southend Airport Car Park) is an Independent, privately-run offsite Car Park and is not connected in any way to London Southend Airport.

2.14 Should we be liable for repairs to your vehicle we reserve the right to have the work undertaken by our own contractors.


3. Bookings

3.1 It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure they read the Confirmation Email and Directions Document before travelling.

3.2 It is advisable for all Customers to print the Confirmation Email and Directions Document and take it with them when travelling.

3.3 SACP will not accept liability for any costs incurred due to not providing us with a valid email address and contact number or failing to read the Confirmation Email and Directions Document before travelling.

3.4 Bookings through the Southendairportcarpark.co.uk website are deemed to be made when validated by the issue of a Southendairportcarpark.co.uk booking reference number.

3.5 Bookings made by telephone are deemed to be made when confirmed by Southendairportcarpark.co.uk telesales operator.

3.6 SACP Properties Ltd (t/a SACP Southend Airport Car Park) hold the right not to accept a booking.

3.7 There will be no refund made for any early returns.

3.8 If you collect you car after the departure date/time printed in your booking confirmation then you will have to pay the car park locally for any additional parking time at their published GATE RATE. Please note any bookings made at the special “Super saver Rate” price cannot be amended, and no refund will be given if the booking is cancelled.

3.9 Subject to the TORTS (Interference with Goods) ACT, we may retain your vehicle until you have paid us the full amount due.


4. Car Keys

4.1 In the interests of efficient operation you must be prepared to leave your car keys with car park staff if requested to do so. Do not leave any house or other keys on your car key ring or in the vehicle.


5. Complaints procedure

5.1 If possible, immediately make a member of staff aware before you leave the car park (Park & Ride) or before driving away from where we return your vehicle at Southend Airport (Meet & Greet).

5.2 We will write or email and acknowledge a written complaint within 7 working days of receiving it.

5.3 One of our managers will deal with your complaint in the first instance.

5.4 As long as you can send us any extra information we may ask for and (if necessary) make the vehicle available for inspection, we will make every effort to give you a written decision within 30 days of the date of your initial complaint.

5.5 If a complaint relates to damage to the vehicle, you must allow us to inspect the vehicle before repairs are carried out.

5.6 Please send all complaints to contact@southendairportcarpark.co.uk or you can write to us at: SACP, Unit D Millhead Way, Purdeys Industrial Estate, Rochford, Essex, SS4 1ND.

5.7 All complaints are dealt with either by email or in writing – no complaints will be accepted over the phone.


6. Use of Cookies Policy

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